Secutex Green, 100% biodegradable nonwoven from NAUE
Photo of Secutex Green nonwoven by NAUE

Geosynthetic materials are renowned for their sustainability qualities. One of the ways in which the geosynthetics field really excels here is through constant innovation in the manufacturing process. It’s that dedication to innovation over tradition that is propelling some manufacturers of synthetics to engineer 100% biodegradable materials for infrastructure.

I talked online with NAUE‘s Kent von Maubeuge and Dr. Helge Hoyme about creating biodegradable “geosynthetics,” the applications that stand to gain the most with these options, and how what’s safe for Dr. Hoyme to eat–including their new material!–is safe for birds.

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Geosynthetics can dramatically reduce the need for carbon footprint-heavy elements of infrastructure, like aggregate, which is CO2 intensive to harvest, process, and transport to site. Geosynthetics enable smaller footprints for development. They conserve and protect water resources. Recently, the International Geosynthetics Society has done great work collecting information to demonstrate how these materials help engineers achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (Check out the IGS’s new Sustainability resources page.)

The international geosynthetics manufacturer NAUE has been hard at work on 100% biodegradable versions of some of their well-known brands. The launch material for this new Green Line is Secutex® Green. The material preserves the look, feel, and performance of its nonwoven geotextile inspiration.

This truly green, mechanically bonded separation and filtration nonwoven is a revelation for what these manufacturers can do.

Geosynthetics emerged roughly 50 years ago from traditional textile manufacturing. Today, we’re seeing geosynthetic specialists apply their materials engineering knowledge in an extremely green direction. There’s an interesting future in design for this, and NAUE’s work profiled in this podcast gives us a wonderful glimpse.

Learn more about Secutex® Green and NAUE’s work at

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