Raven EFD HydraFlex GeomembranesRaven Industries’ Engineered Films Division has announced the release of a new flexible geomembrane product line: HydraFlex™. Designed for energy and environmental applications, the new linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) series is being offered in three primary variations to provide more application-specific design and performance options while maintaining a dependable baseline of flexibility, durability, and engineering value across the line.
The three varieties, as announced in a May 20 note from the company and on the Raven EFD website, are:

  • HydraFlex™
  • HydraFlex™ Pro
  • HydraFlex™ Ultra

The primary HydraFlex™ line features co-extruded LLDPE with high-grade virgin resin on the outer layers and “an inner core of virgin and select reprocessed resins.” It has been engineered for near- and mid-term designs, enables easy welding, and features high impact strength and tear resistance.
The Pro series is a co-extruded, LLDPE geomembrane with enhanced tensile strength and impact resistance. The ultra-low modulus characteristics provide greater  durability in installation and the strength to support installations that may feature challenging exposure or site conditions, such as pond linings, pit linings, and above-ground tank lining. The carbon black stabilizes against UV and thermal degradation while a gray side to the membrane minimizes the risk of thermal expansion.
The Ultra series features very flexible LLDPE and excellent elongation characteristics. The company notes that it has been “formulated to meet or exceed the comprehensive requirements of GRI-GM17 Standard Specification for (LLDPE) geomembranes.” With good tensile characteristics and an ability to conform to uneven terrain, it is suitable for demanding applications like coal ash storage and waste management. A fish-safe grade also supports aquaculture.
“The HydraFlex™ line will be key in sustainable environmental resource protection through many containment applications, and we are excited to announce these additions,” says Bart Brown, Raven EFD’s Director of Sales.
The entire series is available in master rolls and large, prefabricated, one-piece panels, enable more efficient, faster, more economical installations.
Polymer Reclamation for Geomembranes, Raven Industries
Learn more at the Raven Industries (Nasdaq:RAVN) Engineering Films Division website: http://ravenefd.com.