Croydon, Pennsylvania / USA - February 6, 2019. Photo by Jana Shea, via Shutterstock Editorial Use Only License.

Professors Kerry Rowe (Queen’s University, Canada) and Craig Benson (University of Virginia) will lead a live, online discussion with short presentations and significant audience interaction on January 13 at 1:00 pm EST. The topic: “PFAS Containment by Modern Liner Systems: the Good News – and the Bad!”


What are these molecules? Where do they come from? Why are they such a big deal now?

Benson and Rowe’s conversation, organized by IGS North America, will illuminate the role of geosynthetics in this challenging and ever-more-important area of engineering.


  • How readily will PFAS diffuse through GCLs?
  • How readily will PFAS diffuse through geomembranes?
  • What is the potential for PFAS impacting groundwater when contained in MSW landfills?
  • How will PFAS affect longevity of geomembranes?

Join IGS North America and two of the field’s most revered practitioners on January 13, 1:00 pm EST for this free session on PFAS containment.


This webinar is brought to you with the support of Geosyntec.

Kerry Rowe and Craig Benson - PFAS Experts
Prof. Kerry Rowe (left) and Prof. Craig Benson (right)