H and R ChemPharm SAP Geomembranes

Nnamdi Amatobi
Nnamdi Amatobi

SAP Geomembranes
The historic Montgomery Canal in the UK utilized a SAHARA® SAP geomembrane during a canal refurbishment work.

When the International Nonwovens Symposium convenes 3-4 June 2015 in Prague, attendees will learn about polymer-enhanced geomembranes. Nnamdi Amatobi, a Product Development Chemist with H&R ChemPharm (UK) will deliver a paper at event.
Super absorbent polymer geomembranes are gaining more attention now. SAP solutions enable a substrate carrier, like a nonwoven geotextile, to be impregnated with the polymer to form a reactive, lightweight, and highly effective water- and chemical-resistant barrier. In contact with moisture, the product “self-seals” around punctures like a geosynthetic clay liner (wherein bentonite clay swells).
SAP geomembranes are delivered in rolls like other geomembranes, making for efficient, uncomplicated installations in canals, ponds, and other liquid containment applications.
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Amatobi’s paper is on the topic of “A Novel Liquid SAP Approach Bringing Added Value to Nonwovens.” His primary SAP focus will be the SAHARA® line, which was developed by H&R ChemPharm (UK).
The extension of this presentation into the nonwoven substrate market will bring interesting attention to the geotechnical side of the field. Many of the manufacturers at the International Nonwovens Symposium are not the typical participant in the construction market, but SAP utilization may draw more interest for new involvement.
For more information on the SAHARA® super absorbent polymer, visit H&R’s SAP page. A version of Amatobi’s paper will be shared there in the near future.