Sardinia 2011When Sardinia 2011 convenes in Santa Margherita di Pula, Sardinia, Italy 3-7 October 2011, it will mark this event’s 13th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium. Themes include wastewater, waste management strategies, climate change, decision tools, legislation and more.

The preliminary program has now been released, and among the many presentations can be found geosynthetic technologies. A sample of these papers (and their specific session designations) is as follows. A full schedule (PDF) can be downloaded here.

Key papers:

Workshop: Landfill design & construction

  • “Innovative issues in landfill design and construction,” R. Cossu (IT)
  • “Design of drainage systems in geosynthetic landfill caps,” K.A. Zamara, N. Dixon, R. Jones (GB)
  • “Performances of draining geosynthetics for applications in landfill construction,” O. Del Greco, P. Lefevre, C. Oggeri (IT)
  • “When wrong design is the main problem in landfilling: A case study,” R. Cossu, P. Carrubba, M. Conte, V. Salieri (IT)

Geophysical methods in landfill investigations

  • “Important considerations for leakage control of exposed geomembrane-lined ponds,” R. Thiel, J.P. Giroud (US)

Landfill barrier systems

  • “Hydraulic performance of a natural bentonite GCL in inorganic solutions and polymer treatment proposal to prevent degradation in long term landfill conditions,” S. Puma, A. Dominijanni, M. Manassero, D. Toncelli, F. Trotta, M. Zanetti (IT)
  • “Use of geonet to prevent the bentonite mixed soil barrier layer subjected to local settlement from crack progress,” S. Imaizumi, K.Kudo, K.Watanabe, S.Matsuyama (JP)

Workshop: Service lifetime of landfill barriers

  • “Methodology to determine the service lifetime of HDPE geomembranes used in municipal solid waste landfills,” C. Pons, F. Farcas, B. Fayolle (FR)

    • “Tensile behaviour of HDPE geomembranes after exposure to buffer solution under higher stress at elevated temperature,” H.Y. Jeon, A.K. Belas, J.H. Park (KR)

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