By Strata Geosystems – DLF Ltd (Delhi Land & Finance – largest commercial real estate developers in India) redesigned its 18-hole golf course into a grand 27-hole facility in the heart of Gurgaon, located close to New Delhi. The vision was to create India’s best golf course, boasting of world-class greens and facilities—one that would host prestigious international and national tournaments. But, with undulating terrain, significant slope erosion protection solutions were required.

The site’s terrain presented slopes of up to 40m with some slopes reaching 2H:1V and a few being as steep as 1:1.  Such heights and steep slopes caused heavy soil erosion during the frequent rains in this region of India.

Initially, a jute mat and mulch were tried, but these approaches proved to be inadequate against the severity of the precipitation.

Slope Erosion Protection for Golf Course, IndiaSLOPE EROSION SOLUTION

Strata India offered slope protection using its StrataWeb® geocells over the slopes to control the soil erosion. After analysis, it was decided to use two styles of StrataWeb®: SW660 100 for the 2:1 slopes and SW 445 100 for the 1:1 slopes.

One of the major challenges to the work was that by the time the geosynthetic solution was decided upon, much of the earthworks had progressed. This left project partners with only two months to install 290,000 ft2 of the geocell systems. Despite the narrow timeline, Strata completed the work as the supplier and installer on time and within budget.

The StrataWeb® panels were installed in difficult conditions where the slope length was 40m and the gradient was 1:1. The performance of the materials was called upon immediately, as following the installation heavy downpours were experienced. Erosion was not observed.

Slope Erosion Protection for Golf Course, India


For the DLF golf course expansion project, the use of a geocell slope erosion protection provided a number of advantages.

  • Quick, efficient, and safe installation that saved project time and cost
  • High-strength tendons through the geocell panels provided permanent anchorage of the StrataWeb® into the crest of the slopes, eliminating the risk of the material sliding down the slope
  • Far more durable and feasible than mulch and jute mats for steep slopes and heavy precipitation environments
  • Vegetation, supported by top soil infill, served the landscaping requirements of the golf course
  • Each three-dimensional cell provided critical early support for seeds and cuttings and allowed for rapid germination and propogation even on the project’s steepest slopes
  • Carbon footprint reduction: The environmentally friendly nature of StrataWeb® offered the project a way to greatly reduce or eliminate fill quarrying; and, the lightweight, collapsible geocell panels were efficient to ship with only a fracture of the transportation requirements of thicker, conventional soil, rock, gabion, and concrete solutions. The design provided a maintenance-free, long-term solution (when installed properly on a suitable subgrade)

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