Solmax - Geosynthetics Market Solmax - Geosynthetics Market Solmax - Geosynthetics MarketIn 2015, there was little time for rest. Solmax launched four new products and filed two patents. We summarize some of the biggest developments here. These highlights are not just a story of our company; they are representative of where the geosynthetics market and containment applications are going, for improved value, efficiency, safety, and enhanced performance.
Our “Get out of the Dark” campaign started the year off with great energy and established White Reflective Geomembrane as our standard material, both in price and availability. These products help customers work more efficiently and avoid damages caused by wrinkles. White Reflective Geomembranes have been produced and utilized in some markets for nearly 20 years. Solmax White Reflective Liner is a 3-layer co-extruded geomembrane. The product’s core and bottom layers are made from the same raw materials and additives as traditional black geomembranes. By modifying the top layer with the addition of a pure white pigment and UV resistance additives, Solmax is able to produce the first cost-effective of this type of geomembrane. The technical benefits they provide to numerous containment applications are substantial.
We gave the R3 Series a makeover in 2015, as part of a safety initiative. The product now includes a “Safety Green” underside. It’s all part of minimizing tripping hazards in construction. For installations such as perimeter berms in oil and gas, where liners are often wrapped around and extrusion welded to the upper side of the liner, the underside of the liner is exposed. The safety green tinting makes these zones more visible to the workers, providing a simple but welcomed safety enhancement for operations. The colored perimeter also clearly defines the working area. It better distinguishes the jobsite’s various sections. The R3 series also features enhanced frictional characteristics (textured surface) and exceptionally low permeability.
In the middle of the year, Solmax unveiled Hot Liquid Rated (HLR) geomembranes. The market has needed high performance materials for applications with elevated temperatures (e.g., industrial processing, mining, oil and gas). With its unique blend of special resins and additive package, the HLR series offers the same tensile properties and long-term durability at 100°C (212 °F) as traditional high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes at 60 °C (140 °F) or less.


Our CEO, Mr. Jean-Louis Vangeluwe, has offered some comments on the international marketplace, including pressures impacting all manufacturers and multiple sectors; and things to look forward to, including more innovations to announce in the coming year.
We wish our clients and partners in the geosynthetics field a safe and prosperous new year. With our extensive, international operations, we invite you to connect with a Solmax representative near you and discuss your containment work for 2016.
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