Kelvin Legge received the GIGSA Presidents Award from Past President Riva Nortjé
Kelvin Legge received the GIGSA Presidents Award from Past
President Riva Nortjé

Alan Parrock, Garth James, and Danie Brink
Reason to celebrate! Alan Parrock, Garth James, and Danie Brink received Lifetime Membership Awards. They’ve been strong contributors to the field for 25 years.

In the spring issue of the GIGSA News, published by the Geosynthetics Interest Group of South Africa, new president Edoardo Zannoni (Maccaferri) outlines the groups ambitious plan to expand the association’s membership and interaction in the larger engineering community. The goals are similar to those pushed so successfully by the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) in recent years.
GIGSA is a chapter of the IGS.
In his “Prez Sez” column, Zannoni notes the association’s primary goals for 2015/2016:

  • Increase individual membership by 25%
  • Increase benefactor membership by 25%
  • Host 3 events annually
  • Establish relationships with SAICE, SAFCEC and IMESA
  • Publish 4 newsletters annually
  • Participate in sister society related events (IWMSA, SAICE)

They are worthwhile goals, and, while lofty, remain reachable. At a time in which many professional societies are struggling to retain members and corporate interaction, the geosynthetics field has thrived around the world with increased chapter membership, major growth in corporate involvement in the IGS, and in the creation of targeted national and regional events. Active members and active leadership have been essential.
GIGSA looks poised to be another chapter ready for break-out growth. Already, GIGSA has held a successful webinar on Lifetime Predictions of Exposed and Nonexposed Geosynthetics. Another major achievement that is setting the stage for meeting the group’s goals has been the establishment of five committees, each of which has a strong outreach component (Membership, Website, Social Media, Newsletter, Awards).
Also in the newsletter:

  • A polypropylene shutter cloth story from Integrated Polypropylene Products, one of GIGSA’s Benefactor Members.
  • A report from GIGSA’s annual general meeting (2014)
  • Committee member updates
  • Membership statistics
  • Additional task force reports
  • Events calendar

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