The Thai Geotechnical Society will host the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society’s 50th Anniversary Symposium. The international event, featuring 35 invitation-only presentations, will be held 14 – 15 September 2017 at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Campus in Bangkok.
Key topics include transportation geotechnics, slope stability and stabilization technologies, embankment design, subsurface drainage, geohazards, tunneling, and more. The tentative program is listed below.
50th Anniversary Symposium - Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society
The Symposium is jointly organized by the Thai Geotechnical Society and Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society of ISSMGE.


Session 1: Geohazards and Geo-Energy
Chairmen: Prof. Chang Yu Ou & Prof. Dr. Warakorn Mairiang

  • Prof Ikuo Towhata: Earthquake related Geohazards
  • Charles Ng: State-of-the-Art Research in Geo-energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering: Geothermal Pile and Capillary Landfill Cover System
  • Prof. Pedro Pinto The Case of The New Tagus River Leziria Bridge
  • Paulus Rahadjo: Selected Case Histories on Man Made Slope Failures in Indonesia
  • Prof Tahmeed Al-Hussaini: Seismic Hazard Assessment Procedures – Reflection on Bangladesh
  • Prof Lin Der Guy: Evaluating the Efficiency of Subsurface Drainage for Large Landslides in Taiwan

Session 2 Geotechnical Challenge and Geohazards
Chairmen: Dr Chung Tien Chin & Mr. Titi Paveenchana

  • Prof. K.Y. Yong: 50 years of Geotechnical Challenges in Singapore Infrastructure Development
  • Dr Noppodol Phienwej: Geotechnical Engineering Practice 1987 – 2016: Selected Topics
  • Prof. Kazuya Yasuhara( Japan): Climate change-induced compound geo-disasters and their adaptation
  • Dr Pham Giao, N. Phien-wej,, P. Nutalaya and Y. Honjo AIT: Bangkok land subsidence and groundwater recovery: to pump or not to pump.
  • Prof. Louis Ge, Liquefaction-Induced Settlement of Structures on Shallow Foundation

Session 3 Slope Stability
Chairmen: Prof. Fauziah Ahmad & Dr. Apiniti Jotisankasa

  • Dr Suttisak Soralump: The modeling impact of future climate on stability of slopes
  • Prof Hun Jiun Liao: The anchors of anchored slopes in Taiwan
  • Dr Dong Hyun Kim: Applications of image processing to rock slope engineering
  • Suksun Horpibulsuk: Sustainable stabilization of problematic soils
  • Dr Geoff Chao, AIT: Evaluation of Factors Influencing Expansive Soil Embankment Slope Failure
  • Prof Dr. Fauziah Ahmad: The Community Slope Safe Awareness at Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

AIT Conference Centre, Thailand
AIT Conference Center. Photo by Seksan Phonsuwan, distributed under a CC Attribution 3.0 Unported license

Session 4 Foundation
Chairmen: Prof. Suched Likitlersuang & Dr. Darren Chen

  • Liew SS “Common Blind spots in Ground Investigation, Design, Construction, Performance Monitoring and Feedbacks in Geotechnical Engineering”
  • Prof San Shyan Lin (AGSSEA Chairman): Finite Element Analysis to Characterize the Lateral Behavior of a Capped Pile Group
  • Hosoi Takeshi : Challenging Technologies of Diaphragm Wall construction
  • Dr. V Balakumar, Min Huang, Erwin Oh & A.S. Balasubramaniam, A Critical and Comparative Study on The 2D and 3D Analyses of Raft and Piled Raft Analyses
  • Prof. Dominic Ong: Detrimental effect of lateral soil movements on pile behaviour

Session 5 Soil Properties
Chairmen: Prof. Takenori Hino & Prof. Paulus Rahadjo

  • Prof Jian Hua Yin: A New Simplified Hypothesis B Method for Calculating Consolidation Settlements of Multiple Layers of Clayey Soils with Creep
  • Suched, Chanaton Surarak, Dariusz and Erwin Oh: Strength and Stiffness Parameters of Bangkok Clays for Finite Element Analysis?
  • TH Seah: Geotechnical Characterization and Properties of Bangkok Clay
  • Dr Darren Chen (NUS): Optimising cement dosage in ground improvement and early quality control schemes

Photo from Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society 50th Anniversary Symposium Promotion
Sessions 6 Ground Improvement
Chairmen: Dr. Suttisak Soralump & Prof San Shyan Lin

  • DT Bergado, AS Balasubramaniam and PV Long: Recent developments of soft ground improvements using prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) and deep cement mixing (DCM)
  • Chu Jian: Recent development in land reclamation and related soil improvement works
  • Prof Takenori Hino: Recent Deep Mixing Developments in Saga Prefecture
  • Gouw Tjie-Liong : Case Study on The Application of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Slope on A Clay Shales Formation
  • Prof. Chiwan Hsieh: Weaving pattern and lateral confinement effects on the engineering behavior of hexagonal wire mesh panels

Session 7 Transportation Geotechnics and Tunneling
Chairmen: Prof. Louis Ge& Prof. Mistsutaka Sugimoto

  • Prof Buddhima Indraratna & Dr. Cholachat: Recent Developments in Transport Geotechnics
  • C.W. Boon and L.H. Ooi: Recent advances in tunneling geotechnics: impact assessments
  • Dr Richard Hwang (Taiwan): Deep Excavations & Tunneling Experience in Taipei
  • John Endicott: Tunneling Experiences in Hong Kong
  • Prof. Keh-Jian Shou: Trenchless Excavations for Underground Pipelines in Difficult Geology
  • Prof. Mistsutaka Sugimoto: Recent developments in soft ground tunneling

For more information, visit the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society’s event page.