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Strata Geosystems India GeocellMumbai, Maharashtra – Ever since Strata Geosystems ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.‘s establishment in India, it has striven to provide eco-friendly and economical geotechnical solutions to the Indian construction marketplace. Strata’s relentless efforts to provide better solutions has resulted in an innovative soil reinforcement system in its newly established manufacturing unit at Daman–the first of its kind in India.
The new set-up will produce the advanced geocells system StrataWeb™.
StrataWeb™ is essentially a unique three-dimensional soil reinforcement system. It comprises of honeycombed high-strength cell structures of texturized high-density polyethylene (HDPE). StrataWeb™ has several applications. Its prime deployment is in the improvement of load carrying capacity of weak soils. This characteristic is used to advantage when used within a road pavement crust where not only the load carrying capacity improves, but savings can result in the design of the pavement crust and its life-cycle costs. This characteristic can also improve the load carrying characteristics of weak soils below embankments of all heights, as well as below footings carrying heavy loads.
StrataWeb™ is also used for other functions including protection of soil slopes from erosion and protection of impervious membranes in reservoirs and landfills. Yet another function of geocells is earth retention where geocells have been used as units to construct water-pervious gravity walls.
These functions have been made to good use for applications such as flexible pavement roads, below the railway track, village roads, paths in deserts for heavy vehicles, embankment slopes, raw water reservoirs for power plants and other industries, water canals, landfills, haul roads for construction, mines and production fields, petrochemical establishments, laydown areas for construction and container yards, etc. In fact this unique material can be innovatively used for humongous applications.
StrataWeb™ nicely supplements the other basic systems of Strata such as StrataGrid™ geogrids and the BEBO® segmental precast concrete arch system, which widens the spectrum of providing end-to-end geotechnical solutions.