SuperTek Software from CQA SolutionsCQA Solutions, creator of the SuperTek software validation system for construction quality assurance work in geosynthetics, has earned Microsoft Gold Certification for the product’s developer, NextSphere Technologies.
The recognition is a top-tier app development certification from Microsoft.
SuperTek provides real-time data collection and validation, such as for tracking geomembrane panel installation, welding, and seam sampling. The CQA Solutions website includes video footage of geosynthetic installation and how the tablet-based software is used to monitor and record data.
In a release from CQA Solutions, NextSphere President Raju Dantuluri discussed the creation of an application to support this industry.
“The challenge was to create a single system that can perform simultaneously both online and offline, collecting and validating data against sets of rules for customer- and project-specific requirements,” Dantuluri said. “CQA Solutions brings the wealth of their domain expertise, and were able to visualize what is a laborious and monotonous paper-based process in this industry into a seamless and efficient, paper-free solution.”
“We believed from the start that SuperTek would be a game changer for the industry,” said Glen Toepfer, CQA Solutions principal. “But we couldn’t have made it happen without NextSphere. They took our concept and brought it to life.”
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner requires multiple stages of verification of business and technical competency, such as in data management and software and application development.
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