Tencate Engineering Business Managers
Clockwise from top left: Brian Baillie, Nathalia Castro, Juan Pablo Broissin, and Brock Nesbit.

TenCate Geosynthetics has announced the addition of four new engineering business managers to regional and international markets in the Americas. The four candidates bring strong backgrounds in geosynthetics in the field, as well as research and affiliated construction market backgrounds.
The new hires include:
Brian Baillie will serve as the Engineering Business Manager for the South Central Region (Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi). He is based out of Austin, Texas and brings 15 years of experience in structural and geotechnical design, including a focus on geosynthetics and environmental applications. He has designed and consulted on projects within North America and Europe, and his broad project portfolio includes designs with levees, embankments, retaining walls, pile and column-supported foundations, veneer stability, void bridging, and capping systems.
Nathalia Castro is now the company’s Engineering Business Manager for the South East Region (Florida, Alabama, and the Caribbean). She works from Tampa, Florida, and brings 10 years of experience in geosynthetics in the field and years of laboratory research on geosynthetics prior to. She has a strong background in environmental engineering, including with geotextile tubes for contaminated sediments dewatering.
Brock Nesbit is TenCate’s new Engineering Business Manager for Western Canada. With roughly two decades of experience, Nesbit offers a strong presence in heavy civil / industrial construction. His professional experience includes geosynthetics. Working from Vancouver, British Columbia, he will oversee markets in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, The Yukon and the Northwest Territories.
Juan Pablo Broissin supports TenCate Geosynthetics as the Engineering Business Manager for Latin America (Mexico, Central America, South America). He is based in Mexico City and brings 5 years of geosynthetic engineering experience to his role, along with both civil engineering and MBA degrees.
For more information on TenCate Geosynthetics Americas and its personnel, products, and engineering services, visit www.tencate.com.