TenCate Geosynthetics Launches New High-Performance Turf Reinforcement MatsTurf reinforcement mats are engineered to solve more difficult, longer-term erosion control situations on slopes and in channels. These materials retain bare soil and stabilize and nurture vegetation while resist the challenges of precipitation and high-flow rates on soils. TenCate Geosynthetics has introduced two more high-performance turf reinforcement mats.
The Mirafi® TM13C and TM14S TRMs are woven from polypropylene yarns with a patented technology that creates a random, three-dimensional pattern. The result is what the company describes as creating “inner pockets” in which root systems entrap and entangle themselves for long-term stability.


The new materials are flexible mats designed for steep slopes and channels where high-performance, soft armor protection against erosion.
“The combination of high shear resistance with enhanced vegetative growth results in a truly ‘green’ alternative to riprap-lined slopes,” says Rich Sack, P.E., a Senior Engineer with TenCate Geosynthetics Americas.
The company emphasizes the uniqueness of the Mirafi® TM13C and TM14S turf reinforcement mat structure. Many other HPTRM systems, TenCate notes, use a uniform pyramid shape in the mat design; TenCate’s latest materials create a lighter weight geosynthetic, which can lower the overall carbon footprint of a project by reducing the volume of raw material required. The company also says that material handling in the field is easier.
Learn more at the company’s HPTRM webpage.
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