Tengiz is an oil and gas field in the Atyrau region of Kazakhstan, 350 km southeast of the city of Atyrau. Since 1991, Tengiz’s oil and gas processing plant and oil field has operated. It has become one of the country’s most important production and refining areas and is strategically located near the mouth of the Ural River and the Caspian Sea.
In recent years, Tengiz has seen substantial reinvestment to support expansion and to initiate the next phase of extraction and processing technologies. This has required important infrastructure investments. Geosynthetics manufacturer Machina-TST has been involved in the works.
Tengiz Oil Fields Expansion with Machina High-Strength Geotextiles


Last year, Machina supplied 121,000 m2 of high-strength geotextiles (STABBUDTEX 1000/100) to essential power supply works at the new oil fields. The reserves of Tingizshevroil LLP have been the chief beneficiary.
High-strength geotextiles were required to support the construction of high-voltage power lines. The difficult site conditions included the presence of groundwater at a depth of 3 – 4m and weak soils in the form of marine sediments (coquina).
The reinforcing geotextile was selected to increase the strength characteristics of the foundation soil. The design took into account permissible foundation settlement of the high-voltage power line pylons. The use of the geosynthetic solution also reduced the required construction time and reduced consumption of materials on site, providing the works with welcomed cost savings.

Tengiz Oil Fields Expansion with Machina High-Strength Geotextiles
The foundation pits for the transmission pylons were lined with the high-strength geotextile to improve the bearing capacity over the marine sediment soils.


Machina’s STABBUDTEX is a woven or warp-knitted material made of high modulus polyester yarns. This allows it to achieve a tensile strength of 2000 kN/m at very low elongation. Product rolls are available in widths up to 5.1 m.
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