Thrace Group Adds Steve Lothspeich as Director of Engineering - GeosyntheticsThrace Group GeosyntheticsSteve Lothspeich has been announced as the new Director of Engineering – Geosynthetics for Thrace Group companies Thrace Linq, Thrace NG, and Lumite. Lothspeich is a veteran of the geosynthetics field, with a substantial engineering and leadership background in technical sales and marketing, geosynthetic product and system development, and consulting.
The move is part of a reinvigorated approach to the North American market for Thrace Group.
In a release the company noted that the appointment spoke to its “strong commitment to expand its geosynthetics business… by advancing its products, services, technologies and manufacturing processes.”
Lothspeich will work to further interaction among the three companies.


Thrace-Linq is an international manufacturing of geosynthetics with a significant presence in woven and nonwoven geotextiles. Key markets include civil infrastructure (e.g., roads, railways), industrial engineering, mining, agriculture, and more.
Thrace NG (Nonwovens and Geosynthetics) manufactures polypropylene technical fabrics and yarns/fibres. The company is the successor to the original Thrace Plastics (est. 1979) and focuses on a broad range of technical fabrics applications.
Lumite produces monofilament and multifilament engineered materials for liquid filtration and erosion control applications. Its diverse markets include mining and solids separation, wastewater treatment, turf reinforcing mats, geotextile tubes, and much more.
Thrace Group’s global operations in technical textiles, specialty packaging, and engineered materials converting include 16 member companies, 14 production facilities, 1700 employees across 11 countries, and sales in 80 countries and exceeding Euro €250 million in revenue. Learn more at