Titan Environmental Expands

In 2015, Geosynthetica wrote about the expanding US market of Titan Environmental. The Canada-founded entity grew substantially in its first decade, moving quickly from a small team focused on agricultural projects to a multi-office organization with expertise in geosynthetic supply and installation, tanks and geodesic domes, erosion and sediment control, etc. It broadened internationally, opening a US office and consulting outside of North America. It invested in R&D in geosynthetic materials and sponsored university investigations into material performance.

In the years since, this trajectory of growth has continued unabated. Each time Geosynthetica has checked in with Titan, it has seemingly been another growth move—new product lines, new offices, significant personnel additions.

Little has changed. Titan keeps growing.

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Titan Environmental USA (Titan USA) has broken ground on a new facility in Houston, Texas. Bryce Goehring, one of the company’s co-owners, now serves as VP of USA Business Development. Ron Pickett (USA Sales Consultant) and Derek Huffman (Operations Manager) have joined the team and are focusing on specialty concrete lining projects, such as use of Concrete Canvas® and concrete protective liners.

When complete, the new facility will offer 40,800 ft.2 of warehouse, office, and geomembrane fabrication space on the company’s 9-acre lot in Houston. The facility is expected to be finished in 2022.

“We have an ambitious company culture and pride ourselves on building solid teams,” says Titan CEO & Co-Founder, Brett Burkard. “This will allow us to build on our success by strengthening our relationships with existing suppliers and customers across the country, and developing new ones alike.”

His comments reflect an unwavering ethic with the company. On the occasion of the Titan’s 10th anniversary in 2016, we wrote, “Brett Burkard believes in a handshake. He believes in building and sustaining relationships.”

As he and his partners maneuver the company through the latter half of its second decade, that belief continues. Titan Environmental expands. Again.

It’s a good story to follow.

Learn more about Titan’s work and people at www.titanenviro.com. Follow them on LinkedIn as well.