In its Titan Times 2017 Year in Review newsletter, Titan Environmental Containment offers plenty to celebrate and a lot to look forward to. The company shares notes on key projects, revisits some product innovations and product line expansions, recognizes a key employee’s retirement, and more. These updates give glimpses not just at a single company but at some of the larger trends in the field.

Titan Times 2017 Year in Review - Geosynthetics
Expansion in product lines and locations defined the company in 2017 and will as well in 2018.


  • Ontario’s Port Hope clean up of radioactive waste leads off the issue and for good reason. The extensive works represent one of the most important ways in which geosynthetics are used in civil engineering to improve and protect communities. Titan is scheduled to begin work on the site in mid-2018. The company’s work will include installation of more than 900,000 m2 of geosynthetics: HDPE geomembrane, geotextiles, and geosynthetic clay liner (GCL). Three cells will be constructed to contain the radioactive waste.
  • On the product expansion side, Titan has added ARMORMAX® high-performance turf reinforcement mats to its offerings. This HPTRM is used conjunction with Engineered Earth Anchors™, for enhanced resistance to hydraulic stresses such as on slopes. The company will begin work with the rural municipality of Stanley in southeastern Manitoba in early 2018 on a large drainage swale erosion remediation project. Approximately 38,000 m2 of ARMORMAX® will be installed along with gabion mattresses.
  • Titan’s TE-BXC30 geogrid line is taking off. Projects in Saskatchewan have realized a 30% reduction in aggregate thicknesses due to the strong performance and stability of the TE-BXC30 line in installations.
  • The company continues its work in Alberta’s oil and gas sector with another large secondary containment installation
  • Speaking of Alberta, the company is growing fast enough that it will need to find a new location for its Alberta office. The company seeks more space and will be adding staff.
  • The company highlights its use of leak location geomembranes
  • Mining innovation continues with updates to the TE-MXR PP and high-strength TE-MXR PET geogrids. These knitted geogrids have achieved 1000 x 1000 kN/m yielding ultimate tensile strengths.
  • And, there are two university research-related endeavors to keep track of:
    • The testing and performance of TE-SCR100 ConForce Grid materials for concrete reinforcement (testing with University of California – Irvine)
    • On-going, grant-funded work with Concordia University (Montreal) on improving water quality with custom-engineered nonwoven geotextiles

Titan Times 2017 Year in Review - Geosynthetics
The year in review profiles some geogrid innovations in mining and concrete reinforcement.

Finally, Titan’s letter to a retiring employee who was part of the company’s founding 11 years ago is not to be missed. The short message is a strong testament to what has helped the company grow so significantly over the past decade: investment in and dedication to its people. Titan’s strong company culture has certainly translated to strong relationships with its clients in the field.
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