Coal Ash, Top Stories 2015 in Geosynthetics dipole survey, electrical leak locationWith multiple stories published per week throughout the year, a biweekly newsletter, numerous international event partners, and a strong presence in social media, Geosynthetica covers much of the world’s geosynthetics field. As we move into the second half of the year, we’ve rounded up our Top 15 stories, in terms of page views (via Google Analytics).
A number of trends can be seen in the list. Videos occupy three of the spots. The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) is directly tied to three of the most read stories. Geomembrane and containment issues are central to three of the pieces, including the most viewed story–Lee Buchsbaum’s article on the changing regulations for the US coal ash sector.
Also of note in the list, construction quality assurance (CQA) and field-improving measures (e.g., communicating with geotextile suppliers, improving education) appear multiple times.
What will July – December bring? Time, and the field, will tell.
The Top 15 stories on Geosynthetica, January – June 2015:

  1. New Coal Ash Rules: Bigger Business for Facility Closure
  2. Geotechnical Software Tools from Maccaferri
  3. Project Story: Reinforcing Crusher Walls
  4. Safeguarding Water with Super Absorbent Polymer Geomembranes
  5. VIDEO: Geotextile Mattresses in Shoreline Protection
  6. Forthcoming IGS Conferences, 2016 to 2018
  7. Electrical Leak Location Sensitivity Explored
  8. IGS Relaunches Educate the Educators Program
  9. VIDEO: IGS Focuses on Sustainable Development
  10. VIDEO: A Profile of ClosureTurf™ at US Landfills
  11. Toepfer Publishes Book on CQA and Geosynthetics Installation
  12. Looking Back: The Geosynthetics Risk Management Program
  13. CQA Week Returns
  14. Five Questions to Ask a Geotextile Supplier
  15. PERUMIN 2015 Welcomes Two Big Geosynthetics Presentations

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