Leister Technologies AGThe “red dot design award” is one of the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world. 1800 companies and independent designers from 58 countries took part in the “red dot award: product design 2012”. A total of 4515 entries were registered for the 19 different competition categories.

The TRIAC AT from Leister was able to convince the jury and won a “red dot – honorable mention” in the category "Industry and Craft". This awards especially challenging aspects of design work. Only products with tremendously detailed solutions are honored in this praiseworthy mention. Only participants who can stand out among the high-caliber jury are given the “red dot” seal of quality. An international team of 30 experts surveyed, tested and evaluated every individual product. Various criteria such as innovative creativity, functionality, self-explanatory quality or ecological compatibility were assessed.

The “red dot” is a prestigious award and prominent seal of quality for esthetic forms, dynamic trends and responsible yet thoughtful design. Leister is continuing to set new standards for its internationally outstanding hot-air tools in a professional environment with the TRIAC AT.

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