Video number two in Tensar’s Keeping You in the Know” series looks at how TriAx® geogrids are used from a design perspective. This includes how software is used by the company and engineering clients in stabilization designs.

In the first video, Senior Product Manager Jonathan Cook (Tensar International Limited) addressed questions of tensile strength and its relevance to certain designs. This time around, Cook discusses how the quantification of TriAx® geogrid performance has been built into TENSARPAVE™ software.
“This allows designers to take advantage of the improved trafficking performance delivered by a Tensar-mechanically stabilized layer–or MSL–which will be designed to meet their project-specific requirements,” he says.
The program helps engineers:

  • Limit surface deformation under dynamic traffic load
  • Achieve bearing capacity targets under concentrated load

“It’s important to note that the software does not use the specific parameters of the TriAx® geogrid itself,” he emphasizes. “Instead, TENSARPAVE™ models the effect of the TriAx® geogrid using stabilization factors unique to TriAx® geogrids to determine the required MSL thickness. These stabilization factors have been derived from extensive programmes of full-scale, accelerated trafficking trials and have been subject to third-party review.”
The software profiled in the video is available free of charge.
Watch the video to learn more. See other videos at Tensar’s YouTube Channel.
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