In a new monthly video series—Tech Talk—CETCO shares high-quality information on geosynthetics and affiliated engineering issues. The first video in the series has been posted to the company’s YouTube Channel (and promoted in CETCO’s monthly newsletter). As you might expect from them, the first Tech Talk installment focuses on geosynthetic clay liners. The succinct, 4-minute slice serves as an introduction to how and why geosynthetic clay liners succeed as an impervious barrier for containment design in landfills, mining, ponds, and other sectors.

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Dr. Craig Benson, NAE (University of Virginia School of Engineering) leads the education. Benson has been highly influential in the geosynthetics field, particularly in regards to understanding barrier system performance. For more than 20 years, he’s been involved with geosynthetic clay liners in his research. That experience is fully on display in the Tech Talk series.

CETCO TechTalk

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