In a 9-minute interview with Geosynthetica’s Elizabeth Peggs, Maccaferri‘s Pietro Rimoldi discusses an extraordinary hybrid reinforced wall design utilized in Sikkim, India. The result is an 80m high structure at the Sikkim Airport–a critical access point in a region largely cutoff by geography. Further complicating the design is the seismic activity.
Despite a 6.9-magnitude earthquake that struck the area not long after construction, the large wall performed well and exhibited no damage.
Rimoldi discusses how reinforced soil walls offer economic advantages over conventional mass gravity wall systems as the height of the wall increases. Learn about this geogrid-gabion hybrid design here in the interview, and read a companion article:
Seismic Behavior of Hybrid Reinforced Soil High Walls and Slopes
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A picture says 1000 words. Click on the image to view the remarkable construction larger.