International Lining Technology began work on a coal ash containment project at the Reid Gardner Generating Station in late November 2016. The 557-MW plant sits on 480 acres near Moapa, Nevada and has been undergoing closure activities in recent years. Three of the sites four units (totally 300 MW of capacity) have service records extending back in the 1960s and 1970s. The site operators began decommissioning and demolition of those units in 2014. The remaining fourth unit (257 MW) will operate through 2017 and initiate closure in 2018.
At its peak, the Reid Gardner site, overseen by NV Energy, could serve approximately 335,000 Nevada households.


Eagle View Construction performed the earthworks for this most recent phase. The subgrade was quickly approved and ILT’s geosynthetics installation work commenced promptly with a morning unrolling of 60 mil smooth high-density polyethylene geomembrane.
The site itself allowed for very efficient work, as there were minimal slopes. It made for easy navigation for the all-terrian forklifts.
Video Spotlight: ILT Installation at Reid Gardner Generating Station
QC inspections included trial welds and destruct tests, all of which passed inspection from a Geo-Logic Associates QC expert and a field engineer from CH2MHill. Within the first week, ILT was able to place all panels and fusion weld all the seams before the weather took a turn and winds forced a work stoppage to close out the week.
The Reid Gardner project requires approximately 500,000 ft.2 of 60 mil smooth HDPE geomembrane liner and a corresponding geocomposite layer on top to control all potential liquid contact with the coal ash.
The current work is being conducted in two phases. Once Eagle View completes the proper subgrade fill on the second half of the terrain, ILT will return to finish up the geosynthetics installation work.
Video Spotlight: ILT Installation at Reid Gardner Generating Station
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