The International Geosynthetics Society has published the first of 2018’s three issues of IGS News, which tracks the on-going contributions of the IGS to the global geotechnical engineering field and opportunities for all involved. Volume 34 opens with some essential reading, including candidate biographies and related announcements pertaining to the forthcoming IGS Council elections. All stories from the issue are available on the IGS website and in the archival PDF copies of the entire issue.
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Volume 34 of IGS News: Elections, Workshops, Young Members
From left to right: Paolo Croce, Nicola Moraci, Kerry Rowe, Mario Manassero, and Daniele Cazzuffi. Dr. Rowe delivered the Croce Lecture in Rome.


Volume 34 establishes 2018 as an influential year for the society, with a major election, two high-level technical workshops, and the quadrennial International Conference on Geosynthetics. Issue highlights include:

  • IGS Council Election News and Candidate Biographies
  • June 2018 Technical Committee Workshops in Munich
  • IGS Young Committee Members Photo Contest
  • An Interview with Dr. Laura Carbone
  • 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics Update
  • Upcoming Conferences under the Auspices of the IGS
  • Chapter and Member News (Event Reviews, Awards)
  • Case Studies from Afitex, Kaytech, and Thrace NG
  • Directory Details
Volume 34 of IGS News: Elections, Workshops, Young Members
Dr. Laura Carbone (left) is interviewed in the issue. At center, a photo from Thrace NG’s case study. Former IGS President Daniele Cazzuffi (right) delivered a keynote lecture at EDANA’s summit in Dubai.


“I truly believe that early theoretical education combined with practical experience is fundamental to making the best start into the industry. Thus, studying geosynthetic materials and solutions during the university courses is, in my opinion, ideal to get an idea of the wide range of possibilities that they offer. For young graduated engineers, technical trainings and seminars are also good opportunities to learn and continually increase awareness and their knowledge about geosynthetics.” – Dr. Laura Carbone. Read the interview.


1st GeoReinforcement Workshop and 1st GeoBarrier Workshop. These standalone two-day workshops will be co-located and held back-to-back June 4 – 7 in Munich, Germany. Both workshops feature high-level, state-of-practice lectures from field luminaries. They also feature an interactive format that gives attendees an opportunity to engage the entire forum. Learn more on the workshop information and registration page.
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Download the issue (Volume 34, Issue 1 PDF)
Visit the News Feed on the IGS website