18 January 2011 – Western Environmental Liner, an online supplier of custom fabricated pond liners, PVC liners, pit liners, field liners, canal liners and polypropylene liners,has been recommending reinforced products over un-reinforced products for most common applications. Their reinforced polyethylene also known as the Aqua seriesconsists of a very strong high density polyethylene scrim coated with a low density polyethylene coating. Western Environmental Liner’s Aqua series consists of the best woven coated reinforced polyethylene available in the market today. The Aqua series has excellent tear & good u.v. resistance, excellent for long term applications. These products often make for a perfect pond liner.

Unreinforced products such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) should normally only be used for temporary applications unless it is 60 mils or thicker. If HDPE is 60 mils or thicker special welding equipment is needed which is often expensive. Reinforced products normally can be heat seamed easily in a factory and folded on a pallet for easy installation in the field. For a common pond liner, often going with a reinforced product can make for a much easier and cost effective solution compared to an unreinforced product.

Western Environmental Liner specializesin the production of custom fabricated linings like pond liners, canal liners, golf pond liners, andfor all types of applications including very large ponds in all shapes and sizes, canals, temporary construction ponds, manhole linings, waste pits, for mining applications, golf course pond water features, recreational facilities, and oilfield fuels & waste among others. Their liners are custom fabricated in their plant to just about any size. Materials include Reinforced Polyethylene, Reinforced Polypropylene, PVCs, XR-5 and Potable drinking water certificated products. Western Environmental Liner also supplies additional products to meet their customer’s occasionally unique requirements.

Western Environmental Liner uses state of the art equipment like radio frequency welders, advanced heat welders, wedge welders, sewing machines, grommet and d-line machines to fabricate liners. They ensure that every weld is inspected before a liner is delivered and installed to their customers. They provide a wide array of materials to ensure that the perfect product is chosen for each customer’s unique needs. All materials can be welded together to the customer’s specified size, so that each liner can be more easily installed. Each product is also folded/rolled so that it can be easily shipped and laid out when the product meets its final destination. They specialize in offering turnkey installation services for customer’s projects.

About Western Environmental Liner

Western Environmental Liner, a Division of Western Ag Enterprises Inc., was created in 2003. Western Ag Enterprises Inc. has been existence for over 25 years producing hay tarps, shade & truck tarps, along with several other diverse products. Western Environmental Liner was created to provide a wide array of materials for the lining industry to ensure that the perfect product is chosen for each customer’s unique needs. They offer fabricated pond liners and linings for various applications such as large pond liners, canals, lakes, pits, golf course pond liners, oil liners, fuel liners among several others. Their liners are made up of reinforced polypropylene, reinforced polyethylene, pvc, and other specialty materials. www.westernliner.com


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