Competitors to Partners: Western Excelsior Acquires North American Green Competitors to Partners: Western Excelsior Acquires North American GreenWestern Excelsior is celebrating its 40th anniversary in dramatic fashion. The company has entered into an agreement to acquire the 32-year-old company North American Green as of March 31. The move brings together two of the most well known names in erosion and sediment control.
Since 2004, North American Green has operated under the Tensar International umbrella.
In a release announcing the acquisition, Western Excelsior notes that the two companies will continue to operate as independent entities but that “by combining certain resources, both companies will have the opportunity to make process and product improvements as well as broaden their sales reach.”
In the past few years, erosion and sediment control companies have steadily explored larger interaction between Northern and Southern American markets. That seems to have been a factor in bringing Western Excelsior and North American Green together. Both companies have specific strengths in technical depth and reach domestically and internationally. And, in announcing the acquisition, Western noted that one of the primary benefits of bringing their teams together was serving “a greater geographic area in the Americas” and how that would offer these customers the combined “expert knowledge and resources that both companies offer.”
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About Western Excelsior
Founded in Mancos, Colorado, Western Excelsior is a family company that has been manufacturing machine-produced excelsior since 1977. Since that time, the company has continued to expand facility and office locations including Macon, GA; Evansville, IN; and Middlesex, NC. From its aspen excelsior roots, Western Excelsior has developed the widest product range in the industry. This growth, combined with honest effort and service, has earned Western a leadership position within the industry. Western has led and maintained an active presence with industry organizations like the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC), and ASTM International. As a result, Western customers have enjoyed the benefits of vendor confidence. Looking to the future, the new Western frontier is bright with opportunity as offerings, capabilities, efficiencies, and support continue to expand.
About North American Green
Founded in 1985 in Poseyville, Indiana, North American Green is a leading-founder of the Erosion Control Industry, and has helped innovate the industry through manufacturing and product innovation over the last 30 years. With national exclusive distribution, North American Green’s diverse product offerings are used to control soil erosion and sedimentation, assist with the establishment and reinforcement of vegetation on a wide range of applications. North American Green was acquired by Tensar International Corporation in September of 2004.