Maccaferri is one of the world’s biggest geosynthetics companies. In this 11 ICG Preview, we look at the technical expertise the company will share with the global engineering community during the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (16 – 21 September 2018) in Seoul.
Maccaferri also invites attendees to visit its team at Booths 63 & 64 in the 11 ICG exhibit hall.

11 ICG Preview - Photo of 270m-Long Reinforced Soil Structure construction in South Africa by Maccaferri
Construction on a 270m-long reinforced soil structure in South Africa engineered by Maccaferri.


The conference theme is “Geosynthetics: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development.” Maccaferri’s team has contributed a wide range of topics to support this theme and expand upon it.
Key topics from these authors include retaining walls and soil reinforcementbasal reinforcementdrainage and erosion control.
The schedule:
18 September 2018
SESSION: Geosynthetics Encased Stone Column
9:00 – Room 101

  • Geotextile encased columns for reducing the heave potential of expansive clays by Pietro Rimoldi

SESSION: Roads and Railways Applications
9:o0 – Room 103

  • Geosynthetic Reinforced & Unreinforced Rail track Foundation Comparison of Analytical Methods and Numerical Modelling by Ratnakar Mahajan

SESSION: Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction –Interface Behavior 1
13:30 – Room 102

  • Some aspects concerning the laboratory evaluation of geosynthetic interface friction by Pietro Pezzano

SESSION: Sustainability and Green Technology Applications 1
16:00 – Room 102

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly reinforced soil slopes and walls constructed with draining geogrids: recent UK experience by Moreno Scotto

SESSION: Reinforced Walls and Slopes – Case Study 1
16:00 – Room 103

  • From false abutment to true abutment using MSEW with polymeric reinforcement: the Lanseria International Airport by Edoardo Zannoni

19 September 2018
SESSION: Reinforced Walls and Slopes – Analysis and Modeling 2
11:00 – Room 103

  • Numerical Analysis of Shored Reinforced Soils Walls by Ratnakar Mahajan
  • Horizontal displacements of reinforced soil walls from Limit Equilibrium calculations by Pietro Rimoldi

SESSION: Innovative Uses and New Developments 2
13:30 – Room 101

  • Redmud containment using composite reinforced soil structure; a green perspective by Minimol Korulla
  • BIM and Geosynthetics by Pietro Pezzano

SESSION: Filtration, Drainage and Erosion Control – Drainage
13:30 – Room 102

  • Performance Evaluation of Geomat Drainage Geocomposites and Case Histories by Aigen Zhao

SESSION: Reinforced Walls and Slopes –Design and Construction Issues
13:30 – Room 103

  • Design, Construction and Monitoring of Polymeric Strip Reinforced Soil Founded on Soft Soil by Ratnakar Mahajan
  • Design and construction of reinforced walls in Italy in complex static and seismic conditions by Pietro Rimoldi
Polymeric strap reinforcement from Maccaferri - 11 ICG Preview
Installation of polymeric strap reinforcement from Maccaferri

SESSION: General Geotechnics – Foundations, Slopes and Retaining Walls
13:30 – Room 105

  • Green Terramesh Retaining Wall as Embankment Fill at V27 Viaduct in North Marmara Highway Project by Serap Kaymakci

20 September 2018
SESSION: Ground Improvement – Reinforcement 3
9:00 – Room 105

  • Design of geosynthetics over areas prone to subsidence by Moreno Scotto

SESSION: Basal Reinforced Piled Embankment
11:00 – Room 105

  • Comparison of FHWA and BS8006 design methods for geosynthetic reinforcement over piles by Marco Isola

SESSION: Reinforced Walls and Slopes – Case Study 2
13:30 – Room 105

  • Case study on the use of high hybrid MSE walls in mine industry by Hakan Ozcelik
  • Geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures, recent Indonesian case histories by Pietro Pezzano

The full event technical program can be found here.
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