The Kozcağız Dam project is one of the biggest water-related investments by DSI in Turkey’s Bartin province. The dam provides water to a total of 6088 acres (2460 hectares) of agricultural area. The dam construction consists of clayish sand-gravel backfill and extends to a height of 54 meters. The aim of the Kozcağız Dam is two-fold: secure a constant water supply for Bartin’s agricultural activities; and, protect the region from floods and flood damage.

Maccaferri Reinforced Berms at Kozcağız Dam in Turkey
Photo by Maccaferri


In scope of the Kozcağız Dam project, an additional construction of berms was required. Since the bottom section will be permanently located underwater, the berm type and supporting geosynthetic materials are crucial for the successful, long-term stabilization of the system.
A Terramesh system from Maccaferri was specified to resolve project concerns with instability and ground settlement.


Planary reinforcement materials with a high tensile strength in one direction and composite geosynthetic stripes are being utilized. Regarding the settlement problems, a piling platform was constructed as base of the berm in order to stabilize the system.

Maccaferri Reinforced Berms at Kozcağız Dam in Turkey
Photo by Maccaferri

Terramesh System berms are being utilized with double-twisted wire mesh, which provides a long-term service life and is filled with hard rocks and supported by geosynthetic reinforcements. This elastic system responds to the latest architectural requirements for retaining walls and faces problems like settlement successfully.
The project, which ran from 2017 through May 2018, utilized multiple strengths and substantial amounts of geogrid. In total, the construction works used 50,400 m2 of Paralink 200; 3,600 m2 of Paralink 300, and 13,500 m2 of Paralink 400.
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