Image of the river along downtown Austin, Texas, site of GeoU 2023
Austin, Texas will host GeoU 2023. The latest edition features a Central Texas Infrastructure Summit and a sustainability theme.

What will you and your organization support in 2021? We’ve got a few favorites in events and memberships that we hope you’ll take part in too. NOTE: This page has been updated with recent event date changes. 

2021 Events

Geosynthetics Virtual Conference 2021 (February 22 – 25, ONLINE)

The long-running Geosynthetics Conference series continues, despite the challenges presented by covid. Organizers at IFAI have created a vibrant, virtual format of the event, featuring live and on-demand content. This virtual conference is also co-located with IECA’s annual conference. Learn more and register.

EuroGeo 7 (September 19 – 22, Warsaw, Poland)

The 7th European Regional Conference on Geosynthetics had to wait a year, due to Covid, but that hasn’t tamped down anticipation for the event. Learn more and register.

GeoAsia 7 (November 22 – 26, Taipei, Taiwan)

As with EuroGeo, the 7th Asian Regional Conference on Geosynthetics sat out 2020’s pandemic. Organizers reset with a much further date on the calendar. The conference calendar might feel a little crowded in 2021, but this is not one to miss. Learn more and register.

NOTE: GeoU was previously listed in the 2021 events but the organizers have opted to move it to April 2022 to retain an in-person format. More details forthcoming.

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2021 Memberships

International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)
Individual Membership: $45/year

The work of the IGS includes numerous international and regional conferences, such as the EuroGeo and GeoAsia events mentioned above, and technical committees that beneficially contribute to the global engineering field. IGS sponsors a number of professional awards too, and all IGS members have free, electronic access to the society’s official journals: Geotextiles & Geomembranes and Geosynthetics International. At USD $45, this is one of the most affordable memberships one will find.

IGS Chapters
Cost: Varies

The IGS also has more than 40 chapters for countries and regions that coordinate online events and in-person conferences, foster engineering networking activities and more.

ASTM Committee D35 on Geosynthetics
Cost: USD $75/year for individuals, $400 for organizations

The consensus standards approach of ASTM International requires significant, active input from all areas of the field. ASTM offers a great many committees, such as Committees D18 on Soil and Rock, D34 on Waste Management, and (of course!) D35 on Geosynthetics. Each committee generally has multiple subcommittees. D35, for example, has subcommittees on geomembranes, terminology, geosynthetic clay liners, etc. Your voice is needed. Committees meet twice per year.