2nd Global Geosynthetics SummitMaccaferri_ReinforcedSlopeThe 2nd Global Geosynthetics Summit is coming. The event will be held 19 – 20 May 2016 in New Delhi, India. The Hotel Shangri La has been announced as the venue. An event website has just been launched.
The strong focus on infrastructure includes roads and bridges, railways, and coastal and river protection. Through this program, it will address India’s ambitious infrastructure initiatives, related standards, gaps needing to be filled in regulation, and opportunities for geosynthetics.


  • Take stock of existing guidelines, code provisions, and accreditation processes for adopting geosynthetics in the event’s infrastructure sectors of focus.
  • Gather key stakeholders to deliberate on mechanisms for encouraging geosynthetics as an innovative solution.
  • Identify the hurdles faced by agencies in adopting geosynthetics solutions and how their concerns can be addressed.
  • Review available product specifications, design guidelines, existing publications and the extent of their implementation
  • Discuss how available resources or new guidelines could mandate the implementation of geosynthetics in infrastructure.
  • Adapt international guidelines to Indian conditions.
  • Develop a larger accredited geosynthetics testing laboratory network in India.
  • Encourage life-cycle cost analysis method for evaluating the real economic cost of the project.
  • Assess carbon foot print of infrastructure projects.
  • Make use of geosynthetics mandatory for all road and railway projects to the extent of a minimum percentage of the total project costs.


The previous iteration of the summit was held in September 2014 with the theme “Enhancing the Application of Geosynthetics in Infrastructure.”
In summarizing that gathering, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) noted that “the key take-away from the conference was that the usage of geosynthetics can be boosted through ensured QC/QA of the geosynthetics, usage of right type of materials/techniques, evolving codes/guidelines, establishing countrywide geosynthetics testing/certification facilities, undertaking demonstration projects followed by performance monitoring measures, inclusion of Geosynthetics in state level Standard of rates (SoRs) and rationalization of R&D efforts for evolving performance based design standards along with construction techniques.”
Those take-aways will be furthered when the 2nd Global Geosynthetics Summit convenes, especially since primary stakeholders such as the Confederation of Indian Industry  and the Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA) are again involved.
Also important to the coming event are primary sponsorship from Fibertex Nonwovens, associate sponsorship from Megaplast, and corporate contributor support from Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd. Academic affliate support has been provided by the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras and Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi, and media support from Geosynthetica, Infrastructure Today, and Textile Excellence.
Learn more at http://geosynsummit.in.