A Stronger Load Transfer System for Geocells - Presto Geosystems A Stronger Load Transfer System for Geocells - Presto GeosystemsThe release of Presto Geosystems‘ new ATRA® Tendon Clip is providing enhanced load transfer strength for geocell installations. The clip has been designed to transfer slope gravitational forces from for their GEOWEB® geocell walls to tendons.
The innovation is a natural extension to the well-known ATRA® key from the company, and this new device incorporates the same “turn and lock” capability through a GEOWEB system cell wall slot.
In announcing the load transfer strength increase, the company notes that:

It is significant in that it delivers connection certainty, versus legacy technology which requires the installer to guess the location of tie off.  It also guarantees the device will not become dislodged during placement of the geocell section.  It guarantees that the clip will bear against the cell wall and remain there for maximum performance.  Its high-strength design is two to five times stronger than traditional load transfer devices, equating to a substantial reduction in load transfer devices required for an installation – saving on time and labor costs.

Another advantage of this system is that it enables preassembly of tendoned geocell sections off-slope. Both standard and very steep or difficult to access installations can thus be executed more quickly while still ensuring a high-degree of safety.
The new ATRA Tendon Clip is designed for tendons withr steep slope applications and geomembrane cover protection (e.g., wastewater containment, dams, dikes, landfills, and channel linings).
Learn more about Presto Geosystems’ GEOWEB® geocell products, ATRA® Tendon Clips, and other engineering solutions, such as load transfer and sustainability, at www.prestogeo.com.
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