Cartegena 2016 - VIII CICES VIII CICES (Cartegena 2016) - IECA IberoamericaCartagena, Colombia will host the 8th IberoAmerican Congress on Erosion and Sediment Control (CICES) 14 – 18 August 2016. The conference theme is “Embracing the Soil.”
This gathering, also known as VIII CICES, is the most important educational event in Latin America related to erosion control, sediment management, and rivers. It raises awareness of the importance of protecting, repairing, stabilizing, and facilitating the harmony and interaction between soil and water.
The congress brings together researchers, students, experts, builders, regulators, and general community members.
To date, 22 universities, 14 research institutes, 9 government ministries and agencies, and more than 90 companies specializing in erosion control and sediment are registered for the event.


Experts not only from Latin America but around the world will be at Cartagena 2016. Discussions about soil erosion will incorporate diverse viewpoints, addressing geotechnics, tectonics, atmospheric, marine, lakes, rivers, and climate change, El Niño, biotic effects, infrastructure, mining, shipping, agriculture, business, tourism, urban planning, and, of course, regulations and legislation in Latin America and around the world.
IDEAM and the Ministry of the Environment will discuss the problems that Colombia faces with the erosion of its shorelines.
In addition, there will be lectures held by universities regarding the Magdalena River.
Attendees will also learn about how the Colombian government is planning to protect the roads and the different projects that exist to update its infrastructure.


VIII CICES will take place in Cartagena, at the Hotel las Americas from August 14-18, 2016. For more information, visit or email