Raven Industries Continues to Expand CapabilitiesRaven Industries Engineered Films Division (NASDAQ:RAVN) has made its mark with polymeric films and sheets, including well-known geomembrane lines. The company has steadily invested in material development and increased its manufacturing capabilities. Recently, it announced the installation of a 7-layer cast extrusion lamination line.
The new line is housed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the Raven Industries operates a state-of-the-art production facility. The line is capable of advanced wide-width cast capabilities, including for sheet extrusion and reinforced composite materials.
In a statement on the 7-layer machine’s addition, the company noted widths of 150 inches (12.5 ft.) and thicknesses ranging from 4 to 80 mil.
“This line provides an opportunity for Raven to partner with our customers in the development of some truly unique products with exceptional value propositions,” said Anthony Schmidt, Vice President and General Manager for Raven Industries’ Engineered Films Division. “The advanced capabilities of this production line will accelerate our expansion into the industrial business segment by offering a broad range of highly refined composite materials — with several being new to the industry.”
The added capabilities will support market growth for materials such as wide-width reinforced geomembranes in environmental protection and critical containment applications.
The move follows a wave of innovations, which have included 7-layer barrier lines, new equipment for flexible geomembrane production, polymer reclamation enhancements, and wide-width fabrication skills.


The new 7-layer cast lamination line is capable of processing advanced barrier structures designed specifically to prevent the migration of radon, methane, odors and hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unique line features include the addition of two individual extrusion dies to process low and high viscosity resin types. The separate dies enable production of custom-engineered fabric composites, scrim-reinforced membranes, and integrated release liners.
Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. was commissioned to design the system. The Canada-based equipment manufacturer collaborated with the engineering and development teams at Raven Industries to customize the process for the company’s diverse production needs.
For more information on Raven’s manufacturing capabilities, visit the company online at www.ravenind.com and Raven Engineered Films at www.ravengeo.com.