Geofabrics Australasia, Flexible Pavement DesignIn September, Geofabrics Australasia is hosting a series of seminars across Australia on “Use of Geosynthetics in Flexible Pavement Design.” The sessions will feature the expertise of guest speaker Dr. Mark H. Wayne of Tensar International (USA).
The seminar will focus on:

  • The benefits of geogrids in pavements
  • Pavement Optimization Design through the use of the AASHTO module in Tensar’s pavement design software
  • Pavement Optimization (USA experience)
  • Verification of mechanically stabilized layer stiffness through the use of automated plate load testing
  • Geogrid specifications in roadway applications
  • Mining and heavy loading applications

The seminar arrives at a good time. While geosynthetics have been used in the design and construction of roadways for 30 years, the past five years have seen significant advances in how the information on performance can be quantified to truly explain what is occurring in road systems. This is greatly assisting designs and making projects more efficient, durable, and economical, particularly in regards to flexible pavements.
Dr. Wayne is the Director of Application Technology with Tensar® International. He is a licensed professional engineer with 20+ years of experience in geotechnical and geosynthetic engineering.
The seminar will cover current flexible pavement roadway structural design through use of AASHTO ’93 Pavement Design Guidelines and attendees will learn how this guidance is utilized in the development, review, and validation of pavement design software.
BRISBANE: 8:15am
4 September 2014
Brisbane Convention Centre (B1 Room)
Merivale St, South Brisbane
RSVP by 2 September 2014
MACKAY: 10:15am
5 September 2014
Mackay Entertainment Convention Centre
Alfred St, Mackay
RSVP by 3 September, 2014
PERTH: 10:15am
8 September 2014
Novotel Perth Langley
221 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
RSVP by 4 September 2014
ADELAIDE: 8:15am
9 September 2014
The Hilton Hotel
264 South Road, Hilton
RSVP by 5 September 2014
10 September 2014
Novotel St Kilda
16 The Esplanade, St Kilda
RSVP by 8 September, 2014
SYDNEY: 8:15am
11 September 2014
Engineers Australia
8 Thomas St, Chatswood
RSVP by 9 September 2014
For full details, please see the seminar series flyer (PDF)
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