Reflective Geomembranes from SolmaxBy David Cao – Solmax Reflective Geomembrane is manufactured using the state-of-the-art tri-layered co-extrusion technology. Its consistent reflective skin layer is homogeneously produced from premium resin with pure white pigment that consists of superior U.V. stabilizers that significantly enhances the geomembrane performance properties in all critical aspects.
The key to the improved performance properties of Solmax Reflective Geomembrane lies in the consistent white skin layer of the geomembrane that reflects sunlight away from its surface thus resulting in the significant reduction of radiating heat as well as lowering the damaging effect arising from U.V. irradiance.
Reflective, white geomembranes - SolmaxThe improved performance properties are:

  • Enhance liner durability with superior U.V. stabilizers and reflected U.V. irradiation
  • Reduction of liner temperature:
    • Increase liner life expectancy
    • Reduction of clay desiccation
    • Lower liner thermal expansion / contraction
  • Lesser geomembrane wrinkles due to lower thermal expansion serves to:
    • Improve composite barrier system impermeability through better intimate contact
    • Facilitate better liner weldability
    • Reduce chances of damage arising from backfilling over liner
  • Lesser geomembrane contraction serves to:
    • Reduce stresses on liner arising from significant temperature changes between noon and night
    • Efficient identification of defects on liner surface

These reflective geomembranes are ideal for critical containment applications, such as:

  • Waste Management (Primary lining system)
  • Mining (Waste water treatment pond, Tailings dam, Dry residue storage area)
  • Energy (Evaporation pond, Floating covers, Coal ash containment)
  • Water Resources
  • Architectural
  • Containment systems exposed to high U.V. irradiation

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David Cao is Vice President – Asia & Pacific Sales for Solmax,