Geosynthetics InstallationGeosynthetica’s partner publication in Brazil——has organized a two-day training session on geosynthetic installation. “Qualidade Na Instalação De Geomembranas” will take place 9 – 10 June 2015 in São Paulo and feature expert instruction from Luduik Rosales, Indiara Giugni, and Julio Ferreira.
The opportunity has already drawn numerous sponsors from the Brazilian market: Demtech, Leister, NeoPlastics, Terra Nova, TDM, Inovageo, and more.
Companies that are active in the Brazil market in geosynthetics installation, technical welders, and installation field crew leaders are encouraged to attend.
As the geosynthetics field continues to expand in Brazil alongside its booming infrastructure, the need for elevating experience and expertise in the field has grown. This two-day course has been designed to improve the quality of geomembrane installation services in Brazil; and, consequently, to raise the standard of quality in the marketplace for environmental protection and to build a stronger geosynthetics industry.
The presenters also aim to provide the technical and theoretical foundation for participants towards obtaining International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI) certification in the near future, as IAGI also looks more into interaction with Brazil’s domestic providers.