Brazil Workshop on Geosynthetics InstallationBrazil Workshop on Geosynthetics InstallationGeosynthetica’s Portuguese-language publication,, has organized the 2nd Brazil Workshop on Quality in Geosynthetics Installation. The event will be held April 18 – 19 at the Engineering Institute in São Paulo, Brazil. The event is organized by Geosynthetica’s Portuguese-language, Brazil-market publication
Participants will also have an opportunity on April 20 to earn IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetic Installers) certification.
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NOTE: Participation is capped at 40, with 30 of the slots reserved for welders. If you have colleagues right for the event, be sure to get them involved now while tickets are available.
Two types of registration are available:

  • Student – Take part in theory/classroom and hands-on practice education
  • Observer – Take part in theoretical/classroom education but only observe hands-on training

Each student in the registered welder category must bring their welding equipment (welding machines by thermofusion and extrusion).
The workshop is supported by IGS Brazil. For more information and registrations please contact André Lacerda ( or Julio Ferreira (

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The first workshop in this series was held in 2015. IAGI certification was not available in Brazil at the time, but that event put the domestic industry on path to achieving such quality recognition to back up the mature manufacturing sector.
For this 2017 edition, instruction will be provided by engineers Luduik Rosales, Indiara Giugni and Julio Ferreira.
The professional development opportunity is aimed at welding technicians, heads of geosynthetics installation field teams, consulting engineers (who benefit from knowing how design and installation inform one another), and companies/facility owners that contract installation services.
Sectors of benefit include mining, landfills, water and wastewater processing and containment, and other geomembrane-needing sectors.
“A novelty of this edition is its welding championship,” writes Bruno Pedroni, editor of “Participants who present the welds with the best results of the nearest destructive tests but not less than the values ​​recommended by the GRI-GM19 specification will be declared the winners.”
The fun of that event within the education serves to highlight the long-term goals of this education series in elevating the bar of recognized quality in Brazil’s geosynthetics industry.

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