Horrors of improperly lined ponds
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By International Lining Technology Whether on a golf course, winery, or mining site, proper pond liner preparation and management could save companies millions in damages.
Installation of geosynthetic liners can prevent soil erosion and water leakage. In some instances, the soil environment cannot hold water as well as other types of soil with different compositions of clay. In this instance, man-made materials and skilled installers are needed to make the most of these water features.
Improperly installed liners can get cuts, holes and have roots punch through them. As the protection provided by the material deteriorates, it opens the ecosystem to soil-borne diseases, muddy or cloudy water and lower water quality. If you have vegetation or wildlife, they could suffer from the loss of water or contamination.
Other instances call for ponds to contain runoff, prevent seepage into underground water supplies and soil erosion. Pond liners can also be used for settling and storage basins. Mines need such ponds to collect waste or storm water that has come in contact with concentrates, ore or other site materials.
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NOTE: This post was originally published as part of International Lining Technology’s LINER NOTES publications on its website.