VIII CICES (Cartegena 2016) - IECA IberoamericaVIII-CICES-LogoCICES_StrataSlopeProtection_550wChanging infrastructure changes soils, and our responses to the geotechnical challenges of our soils—the solutions we choose—determine the sustainability and long-term economics and successful performance of our infrastructure. This is a central point to Cartagena 2016.
This 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Erosion and Sediment Control (VIII CICES – Cartagena 2016) will be held 15 – 17 August 2016 and include expert manufacturers, researchers, and other stakeholders in erosion and sediment control, coastal protection, geosynthetics, transportation, and affiliated sectors.
The conference will be held at the 5-star Hotel las Americas in Cartagena, Colombia.


Better protocols, standards, and laws facilitate the proper selection of erosion and sediment control works. These decisions ensure a healthier environment and reduce construction and maintenance costs. They enhance our communities and improve our water and air.
Cartagena 2016 is a forum on changing infrastructure. The growth of towns and cities requires planning works that by their nature disturb soils, creating the sort of instability the appropriate selection of erosion and sediment control systems can correct. The conference will provide perspective on this from academia, industry, government, and related institution. Together, they will reveal ways to ensure the most effective practices for improving our coastlines, cleaning our waterways, and ensuring that changing infrastructure does not create environmentally detrimental legacies for our communities.
Participants at Cartagena 2016 will include the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Energy Mining Planning Unit, Pianc, Inmac (Sustainable Works, Argentina), ISI Unesco, multiple universities, private industry from throughout the Americas, and many others.
Key topics include:

  • Urban infrastructure and the biotic processes of everyday life in cities which affect the environment either by erosion or sedimentation
  • Agriculture and how inadequate food production processes induce soil loss and require erosion and sediment control solutions
  • How to identify, enhance, and promote good practices in soil recovery for the benefit of communities, ecosystems, and the planet
  • The state of coasts and shores and how the erosion and sediment control field can better assess and respond to coastal engineering needs, as well as provide long-term solutions
  • How to monitor and correct erosion processes in challenging applications such as mining

In this context, the organizers want to acknowledge the participation of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), UNESCO, DIMAR, PIANC, ANI, MINAMBIENTE (DAMC), and the University of Antioquia. Their contributions to the conference are especially important for the rich forum of discussion on coastal erosion—an issue of extreme importance in Colombia (and at the conference venue!). Coastal engineering solutions that are needed in Colombia and that are being applied here are representative of concerns and solutions throughout the Americas.
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