AGHP: An Owner's Perspective on Geohazard Slope AssessmentOn August 17, from 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT, Caltrans’ Thomas Whitman will present a webinar on “An Owner’s Perspective of Slope Assessment: the Value and Use.”
Whitman is a Senior Engineering Geologist for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). He brings more than 25 years of professional experience and 19 years of mountaineering and climbing experience to the discussion.
The webinar is offered by the Association of  Geohazard Professionals (AGHP), a non-profit organization created that supports the development of standards, specifications, and best practices concerning the design and implementation of geohazard-related technologies and products.


In his work, Whitman is involved in all aspects of engineering geology as it relates to highway transportation systems. He specializes in landslide and rock slope investigation in very difficult terrain. He is a lead instructor for the Caltrans climbing and bank-scaling program too.
As a representative of an asset “owner” and an accomplished climber/scaler, Whitman will offer great depth to discussion about site slope assessment (SSA) and value.
The 60-minute webinar will:

  • Outline the process and procedures associated with SSA
  • Identify the stakeholders in the SSA process (There are more than you might think, he notes)
  • Discuss the direct and indirect benefits of SSA for each of the stakeholders
  • SSA purposes/uses
  • Values for each stakeholder

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