Geosynthetics Chapter Activities Lead IGS News 32-2 Geosynthetics Chapter Activities Lead IGS News 32-2Geosynthetics Chapter Activities Lead IGS News 32-2Geosynthetics Chapter Activities Lead IGS News 32-2The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) had trouble fitting all of its content into IGS News, Volume 32, Issue 2. The 62-page, just-released digital publication includes chapter updates, event stories, case studies, profiles, and more. IGS Chapter activities are certainly the standout.
“The chapters are getting more active,” writes IGS Vice President Prof. Chungsik Yoo in the opening column. “Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, and Italy have been identified as more active chapters with high Activity Index values.”
The society uses a weighted scale and annual survey to assess the state of chapter activities, both to recognize thriving regions for geosynthetics and place in which geosynthetics practitioners need more support.
The annual survey gauges the number of conferences, workshops, short course, lectures, and affiliated activities that IGS Chapters either host or collaborate on. In 2015, IGS Chapters were involved with 37 technical conferences, 10 workshops, 23 short courses, 21 main lectures, and 27 other activities.
With Tunisia, Egypt, Austria, Switzerland, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Slovenia all potentially formalizing geosynthetics chapters, the IGS Chapter activities survey may soon be collecting information from 50 chatpers.  That is an excellent sign for the field.
“Chapter activity, technical committees and events are the vehicles to push our discipline forward,” writes IGS Secretary Elizabeth Peggs.


  • The 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (11ICG) will be held 16 -21 September 2018 in Korea. The quadrennial showcase event for the global geosynthetics field is well along in its planning. IGS News includes a preliminary schedule, in which can be found an opening reception on September 16 followed by 3.5 days of technical sessions, keynotes, and social activities. Mixed in will be a special half-day forum for young IGS members.
  • The special session list for EuroGeo 6 (25 – 28 September 2016, Llubljana, Slovenia) is confirmed in the issue. Geosynthetic barriers, Geosynthetics in Dam Construction, Geosynthetic Reinforcement Applications, Geosynthetics in Road Construction, and Surface Erosion Control and Drainage providing additional, high-level technical content to an already healthy program.
  • In 2017, conferences being held under the auspices of the IGS include XXIV Torino Geotechnical Conferences, Torino (25 – 26 February 2017) and Geotechnical Frontiers 2017, Orlando (12 – 15 March 2017)
  • The Iranian Chapter Board’s first report (covering its inaugural cycle, 2013 – 2016) provides an exceptional view of what chapter activities can be. The group has held three national seminars, 10 workshops, five training courses, and two GeoWall competitions with students.  The report by Kazem Fakharian, Past President of the Iranian Chapter of the IGS (2013 – 2016) is worth a look for all those chapter members seeking ideas for spurring new growth in other regions.
  • Other reports include updates from chapters and events in Honduras, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, and Russia.
  • Case studies cover coal ash management in the United States, tunnel applications and aluminum oxide-related sludge storage in Ireland, an ash storage facility in South Africa, beneficial reuse of remediated land, and more.

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