Solmax GeomembranesSolmax continues its series of deeper-level discussions on how geosynthetics are manufactured and how those decisions—equipment, raw materials, quality control, etc.—translate into successful engineering designs. On September 7, the company will host a free webinar on HDPE geomembrane additives and their link to long-term services lives.

Registration links for the webinar are below.


The company’s Innovation Leader, Mathieu Cornellier, will focus on issues such as oxidative induction time (OIT) and high-pressure OIT (HP-OIT).  His presentataion will outline how OIT-related analysis of polymeric materials is connected to field performance. Frequently asked questions and frequent misconceptions, such as about HDPE geomembrane additives and antioxidants in general, will be explored.
Question and answer time will be provided.
In order to accommodate different time zones, the webinar will be offered twice on September7:

Pre-registration is required, but the event is free. The meeting number, password, and link to join will be made available only 24 hours before the presentation and a reminder email will be sent one hour before the webinar. The information will be sent via the registered email.
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