New Coal Ash Pond Capping Series from TenCate New Coal Ash Pond Capping Series from TenCateOne of the fastest-growing markets for civil engineering in the United States is in capping coal combustion residuals. Tencate, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of geosynthetics, has been well involved in the sector and now has added the Mirafi® CR-Series Pond Capping Geosynthetic Solutions to its engineered offerings.
The CR-Series features high-performance geosynthetics for the stabilization of soft and wet coal ash pond materials. The system enables the placement of a top cover and compacted fill.
Download the TenCate CCR Solutions Brochure (PDF)


In an announcement about the series, the company notes that pond capping with geotextiles has become a viable alternative due to numerous reasons:

  • Engineered seams allow for efficient installation of large geotextile panels with extremely high seam strengths for stable capping systems
  • Quickly and safely facilitates complete closure of coal ash pond and storage basin facilities
  • Allows water to pass through to relieve pore pressure
  • Contains the fine-grained sludge material below, and separates sludge from clean fill above


Dewatering with geotextile tubes enables the efficient consolidation of waste materials, retaining solids while releasing the clear water through the fabric pores.
TenCate Geotube® dewatering technologies are being used in CCR management operations to:

  • Maintain key water-quality discharge parameters and sufficient free board for continuous operation
  • Safely contains fly ash
  • Prevent airborne particle contamination from windblown ash piles

The company notes that there may be potential beneficial reuse options for consolidated ash (e.g., road base applications, berm construction, etc.).
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Download the TenCate CCR Solutions Brochure (PDF)