CQA Solutions

CQA SolutionsTOLEDO, Ohio – CQA Solutions, Ltd., an expert construction quality assurance (CQA), geosynthetics, earthworks consulting firm, recently led the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in a day-long professional development seminar. Key topics included the changing role of the CQA technician, common CQA misconceptions, and the importance of not diminishing the role of CQA as technology advances.
CQA’s team has served as professional development session leaders for multiple state environmental departments and engineering and construction firms around the United States. The primary stress has been on CQA and regulation of waste management, water resources, energy installations, and mining engineering. The company routinely offers educational courses at its Toledo, Ohio headquarters, but in Michigan it was able to offer the training through the company’s Mobile Solutions program.
CQA Solutions, Supertek“The Mobile Solutions program has been a welcomed addition to our services,” says Glen Toepfer, Managing Principal for CQA Solutions, Inc. “It allows us to reach larger, single groups more easily than those groups coordinating the time and financial resources for all desired participants to travel to our home facility.”
In addition to its consulting work and professional development seminars, CQA Solutions also develops software for use in the CQA field. The flagship software product, Supertek (www.supertek.com), provides a real-time data collection and validation system for geosynthetic installations. It allows operators to use on-site technology (e.g., tablet computers) to file essential information while panel installation, seaming, and testing occurs, rather than record it all on paper and re-record it later in a digital file.
CQA Solutions will next hold basic and advanced education sessions on earthworks and geosynthetics, as well as provide exam proctoring and training for key professional certifications, in January 2014. Visit www.cqasolutions.co for the specific session dates and registration and cost information. For Mobile Solutions opportunities, contact Joanna Toepfer at +1 419 269 1800, Joanna@cqasolutions.co.


CQA Solutions, Ltd. (www.cqasolutions.co) is an expert CQA, geosynthetics and earthworks consulting firm. The company’s primary focus is in waste management, mining, and environmental protection sectors such as coal ash management. Education services are geared to landfill owners, engineering firms, construction firms and regulatory agencies throughout the United States. In addition to providing GCI-ICP proctoring through the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI), CQA Solutions is certified to provide Certified Welding Technician training and proctoring services through the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI).