FC Liners celebrates its win at the 2019 GeoGames.
FC Géosynthétiques installation experts celebrate their IAGI GeoGames win at Geosynthetics 2019. Photo from IAGI.org.

FC Géosynthétiques is one of the most recognized geosynthetic installers in Canada, with a strong track record in the field and a team that is increasingly an active contributor to geosynthetics events. The company won the inaugural GeoGames (2019), for example, from the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI). At that point, the operation still utilized the FC Liners identity, which it transitioned to FC Géosynthétiques after merging its geosynthetic installation business with Texel-Geosol.

This week, FC has announced another intriguing move, this time on the distribution side of the industry: the acquisition of Innovex Produits Techniques Inc.

The assets of Hydrosol Construction were included in the deal. Hydrosol has been the specialty geosynthetic installation contractor side of Innovex.


“We are very pleased to welcome Innovex Technical Products and Hydrosol Construction within the large family of FC Géosynthétiques,” notes Francis Côté, vice-president at FC Géosynthétiques in a 15 June 2021 release. “Our two companies, well established in Lévis and Boucherville, were built on shared values ​​of innovation, service and product excellence. This alliance will allow us to increase our market share in the industry and jointly develop a consolidated offer in order to meet the growing demand of our customers. ”

Innovex will continue to service its client base under its own brand. FC Géosynthétiques will also utilize the work force and expertise of Hydrosol to expand FC’s primary installation services and capabilities.

The distribution side of the deal is certainly of note, and not just for how it strengthens the company’s position in Canada. The release cites international growth as one of the benefits of the acquisition.

Consider: we’ve seen some pretty interesting market developments out of Quebec.