The International Geosynthetics Society‘s sustainability eBook (Preparing the Ground for a Brighter Future) is based upon IGS Vice President Dr. Nathalie Touze’s 2018 Giroud Lecture, which propelled a major IGS sustainability initiative. The free, digital publication first published in English in 2020 to coincide with the 50th Earth Day celebration. A central focus in the eBook is the many ways in which geosynthetics serve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The publication is now available in eight languages, the most recent of which is German (Den Boden für eine Bessere Zukunft Bereiten).

IGS eBook on Sustainability and Geosynthetics - German Edition Cover


The roster of language editions for the IGS sustainability eBook:

Furthermore, the ever-growing sustainability page on the IGS site shares numerous other resources, such as conference papers and videos.

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“The IGS is working hard on a range of education initiatives globally,” Dr. Touze says in an interview on the IGS website. “But as an industry we also need to shout more about the good work we have done and are doing. Case studies, with quantifiable data regarding carbon footprints, lifecycle analysis, and rigorous testing and communication are essential. These will all help us prove our point; geosynthetics are a long-term force for good.”

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