Geogrids are well known for reinforcement and used widely for stabilization of slopes and embankments and other soil-reinforcing applications (e.g., retaining walls). The principles that govern the successful use of geogrids in soil stabilization applications are also being applied for slope erosion control.

These products are particularly useful for situations in which a turf reinforcement mat (TRM) may not offer as many advantages.


HUESKER Fortrac® 3D is a prime example. Based on the Fortrac® geogrid series, the product incorporates high tenacity polyester yarns into the uniaxial geogrid, creating a stable, interlocking pattern in which roots can take hold while soils are confined. The mesh density can even be adjusted to suit site-specific conditions.

A protective coating on the Fortrac® 3D-30 series protects the structure from installation damage.

As with reinforcement geogrids, the 3D product is delivered in efficient, wide rolls for easy installation. The polymeric structure is unaffected by freeze-thaw cycle. It is also resistant to chemical, biological, and VU exposure.

A Modified Geogrid for Strong Slope Erosion Control

Furthermore, the significantly lower elongation of the geogrid-based product compared to most TRMs can bring greater stability to a slope. For conventional slopes and slope reconstruction, this product class offers a way to get a combination of reinforcement and strong erosion control in a single material.

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