Upcoming Engineering Webinars from HUESKER HUESKER Acquires NBW Mining in AustraliaNorth Carolina-based HUESKER, Inc. oversees a broad base of geosynthetics operations in North and Central America. Over the past couple years, the company has invested significantly in new production capabilities, expanded production, and added expert personnel. The expertise level has just bumped up again, thanks to the addition of industry veteran Fred Chuck to HUESKER’s team.
Fred Chuck is a licensed professional engineer with 35 years of experience in geosynthetics. He joins HUESKER as Vice President of Business Development.
“With extensive experience in corporate training and industry relations as well as emerging markets, technical service, engineering and sales, Fred will serve well in taking charge of HUESKER Inc.’s industry and government relations, and business development with engineers and contractors,” the company writes, “as well as in assisting the sales team and customers with education and marketing processes.”
The move follows a very active 2015 – 2016 period that saw the company add more than 10 new positions, construct an $8.5 million state-of-the-art facility, and rebrand its expanded portfolio.


“[HUESKER encourages its] staff experts to actively share best practices and grow the industry first,” the company writes, highlighting how Fred Chuck has long lended his experience to essential groups such as ASCE, IECA, IGS North America, NCMA, APWA, state DOTs, GMA, and other bodies.
Previous outreach positions that Fred Chuck have held in serving as Vice Chair of the Executive Council of the Geosynthetic Materials Association, Chair of the GMA Geotextile Focus Group, and lead to the GMA effort to establish the NTPEP GTX audit plan.
“Fred is very passionate about the industry and is determined that the growth of geotextile and geosynthetic materials has not reached their peak,” the company writes. “It is crucial to reach the next level through education of the market and efforts in business development.”
Learn more about HUESKER’s geosynthetics, engineering services, and application expertise at www.huesker.com.