GeoAsia 6 - India Geosynthetics in India, Strata IndiaSlope Erosion Protection for Golf Course, IndiaNearly 20 years ago, the GeoAsia conference series kicked off with an International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) conference in Bangalore. The event was hosted by IGS India. In 2016, GeoAsia 6 will bring the event back to India.
The theme for GeoAsia 6 is “Geosynthetics for Infrastructure Development.” Roads, hydraulic structures, reinforcement, ground improvement, and geosynthetics testing are some of the key topics.
The quadrennial regional conference will be held 8 – 11 November 2016 at Delhi’s Manekshaw Centre.


Heritage Lecture

  • Dr. G.V. Rao, “Indian Perspective – Achievement and Projections”

Mercer Lecture

  • Prof. Jorge G. Zornberg, “Stabilization of Paved Roads Using Geosynthetics”

Keynotes and Invited Speakers (International)

  • Dr. Dimiter A. Alexiew, HUSKER Synthetic GmbH & Co., Germany
  • Sam Allen, Vice President, TRI Geosynthetic Services, USA
  • Enrique Alvarez, Mexico
  • Mohammad Reza Ashgbousi, Iran
  • Prof. D.T. Bergado, Thailand
  • Dr. Daniele Cazzuffi, Past President of IGS, Italy
  • John Cowland, Hong Kong
  • Prof. Jie Han, Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering, The University of Kansas, USA
  • Dr. Tri Harianto, Department of Civil Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
  • Prof. Chiwan Hsieh, National Pingtung University of Science & Technology, Taiwan
  • Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khan, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
  • Dr. Huabei Liu, Wuhan University, China
  • Pietro Rimoldi, Italy
  • Dr. Kenji Watanabe, Railway Technical Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan
  • Mr. Yee Tack Weng, TenCate, Malaysia
  • Dr. Chao Xu, Tongji University,  China
  • Dr. Chungsik Yoo, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
  • Dr. Yanfeng Zhuang, Wuhan University, China
  • Prof. Jorge G. Zornberg, Immediate Past-President, International Geosynthetics Society

Keynotes and Invited Speakers (India)

  • Dr. Dali Naidu Arnepalli, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • Dr. K. Balan, Dean (Research & PG), Rajdhani Institute of Engineering & Technology, Trivandrum
  • Dr. R. Chitra, Central Soil and Materials Research Station
  • Dr. Ashok N. Desai, Former Director, Bombay Textile Research Association
  • Vivek Kapadia, Managing Director, Gujarat Water Resources Development Corporation Ltd.
  • P.S. Prasad, Senior  Scientist, Central Road Research Institute
  • Dr. K. Rajagopal, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • Dr. G.V. Rao, Former Professor, IIT Delhi
  • Dr. U.S. Sarma, Director, Indian Jute Industries’ Research Association
  • Dr. G. L. Sivakumar Babu, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science
  • Dr. Jimmy Thomas, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Albertian Institute of Science and Technology, Kerala
  • M. Venkataraman, Geotechnical and Geosynthetic Consultant

Special Session on Coastal Protection: State of the Art
 (Organized by IGS Technical Committee on Hydraulics)

First Part: The State of the Art

  • Fundamentals of Coastal Protection and the Role of Geosynthetics – Prof. Chiwan Wayne Hsieh, Taiwan
  • Applications of Geosynthetics for Integral Solutions for Beach Restoration and Long-Term Management – Eng. Enrique Alvarez, Mexico
  • Laboratory Tests for Index and Performance Properties of Geosynthetics for Coastal Protection – Dr. K. Rajagopal, India
  • Design of Geosynthetic Tubes for Coastal Protection – Mr. Pietro Rimoldi, Italy
  • Design of Groynes and Breakwaters with Geosynthetics – Mr. Vijaya Ravichandran, India

Second Part: Industry Experience – Experiences of Coastal Protection Projects with the Use of Geosynthetics in the Asian Region

  • Garware Wall Ropes Ltd.
  • Maccaferri Limited
  • National Institute of Ocean Technology
  • Z-Tech Group


  • Anhui Huifeng New Synthetic Materials Co.,Ltd.
  • Atarfil S.L.
  • Bonar Sarl
  • Charankattu Coir Mfg. Co. (P) Ltd.
  • Daeyoun Geotech Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian Geo-Link Geosynthetics Co., Ltd
  • Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd
  • Flexituff International Ltd.
  • Garware Wall Ropes Ltd.
  • Geocellular Synthetics Co., Ltd.
  • Geosynthetic Testing Services Pvt Ltd
  • GSE Lining
  • Haining Jihua Composite Material CO.,LTD.
  • HOCK Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Hong Xiang New Geo-Material Co., Ltd
  • Hubei Nete Geosynthetics Ltd
  • Hueskar Syntheic GmbH
  • Laviosa Chimica Mineraria SpA
  • Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Manas Geo Tech India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Megaplast (I) Pvt. Ltd
  • National Jute Board
  • NewGrids Ltd.
  • Shandong Haoyang New Engineering Material Co.,Ltd.
  • SKAPS Industries
  • Solmax International
  • Sotrafa SA
  • Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Te.Ma  Technology and Materials Srl
  • TechFab India Industries Ltd.
  • Techno Fabrics
  • Tencate Geosynthetics Asia Sdn.Bhd.
  • Tensar International Limited
  • Terre Armee/Reinforced Earth
  • The Best Project Material Co.,Ltd
  • Thrace Nonwovens & Geosynthetics S.A.
  • TMP Geosynthetics


India has a fast-developing economy. It requires large-scale infrastructure development. Liberalization of the economy has further facilitated planning and execution of many large-scale infrastructures, including roads, railways, power grid expansion, and water resources. All of these sectors will further promote applications involving and opportunities for geosynthetics. The infrastructure spending in the country’s XII Plan (2012 – 17) is estimated to be USD $1 trillion. That number is expected to grow for the XIII Plan (2017 – 2022).
The 6th Asian Regional Conference will be a step towards providing opportunity for exchange of experiences, practices and collaborations to facilitate flow of appropriate technology to enable successful implementation of infrastructure projects. It will be organized by IGS India under the auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society.
Organizers note that 12 Indian Government organizations and ministries have taken keen interest and are supporting the conference.
All of it adds up to numerous opportunities for the geosynthetics industry to help establish a more durable, more economical, more sustainable infrastructure in the world’s biggest democracy.
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