Gabions Protect of Iron Ore Rail Turnout
Geofabrics Acquires Maccaferri Australia and New Zealand
Geofabrics Australasia has been a majority shareholder since 2002 in Maccaferri Australia and NZ.

Geofabrics Australasia has enjoyed a successful partnership with Maccaferri Australia Pty Ltd and Maccaferri New Zealand Ltd. Since 2002, Geofabrics has been the majority shareholder of these enterprises. Now, the companies are growing even closer.

Gefabrics has acquired 100% of the shares.
The companies have worked very well together across the broad Oceania marketplace, building business in mining, general construction, and other sectors. Gabions, geosynthetics, reinforcement design, and other geotechnical engineering works have characterized their projects.

Transition for Maccaferri Australia

Almost immediately, the Maccaferri New Zealand name will transition to Geofabrics New Zealand Ltd. The Australia business will shift towards the Geofabrics brand with a full roll out expected in April 2015.

After the incorporation, a large number of Maccaferri employees will remain with Geofabrics.